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May 2013 Archives

Young father killed in head-on collision and two others injured

No matter what age a person is, the ability to drive and utilize vehicles to get from one place to another is a necessity. But regardless of their age or eventual destination, t is always crucial to pay attention to the road. Driving safely does not only mean avoiding distractions, it also means not speeding, following traffic signs and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. When a car accident occurs, usually a driver is being negligent. Although accidents do happen, when it comes to automobile accidents, serious injuries, severe damage and even death can be avoided if drivers were to remain cautious on the road.

Motorcycle accident occurs in early morning traffic

Early morning traffic can mean a lot to West Virginia residents. It can mean a very long commute to work. Vehicles can be stopped on major roads and move at crawling speeds. When this happens, it is important that drivers are attentive to the vehicles ahead of them and behind them. It is also crucial that drivers watch for merging vehicles and leave room for them. Motorcyclist should be especially careful in dense traffic. A motorcycle accident is more likely in traffic and drivers are less likely to see these small vehicles because they tend to be hidden in their blind spots. A motorcycle crash has the tendency to result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

Man sues West Virginia Police after car accident

Any driver on any road, at any time could be involved in an accident. A car accident could be the result of negligence, whether it is speeding, failing to signal or crossing the centerline. Other crashes could simply be an accident without any direct cause. No matter the cause, an automobile collision could result in serious injuries and severe damage. Drivers should always practice safe driving habits, such as watching their speeds, maintaining their lane and yielding to other drivers.

Head on collision sends two to the hospital

High traffic roadways are filled with vehicles of various sizes in a rush to get to their destinations. When a car accident occurs, not only could serious injuries and severe damages result, but there can also be a resulting increase in traffic. Traffic could be backed up for miles and for hours while emergency crews tend to the scene of the accident. Drivers could become angered because of this delay. It is important that drivers remain calm during traffic caused by an accident in order to prevent another accident from occurring.

Two-car collision results in car being cut open to free injured

Accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere in Easton. Drivers are not always aware of their surroundings, which could result in an accident. Intersections can be very busy, and when a driver is not paying attention or is on their phone calling or texting, they may not notice a sign or a signal. This could cause a car accident, resulting in serious injuries and severe damage to the vehicles involved.

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