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March 2013 Archives

Contractor fatally injured at work

When a workplace accident occurs, it is crucial that the incident is investigated. This not only determines the cause of the incident but it also assists with the workers' compensation benefit that the injured employee seeks after the accident. Additionally, understanding the events surrounding the incident will help change the operation and regulations in the work environment. This could help formulate new safety feature and reduce the chances of a similar accident occurring at the workplace.

West Virginia miner killed in mining accident

Areas like West Virginia are known for the mining industry. Residents within the state are aware of the dangers that are associated with the occupation of a miner and having the benefit of workers' compensation is crucial because the likelihood of a workplace accident occurring for a miner is much higher than other careers.

Fatal pedestrian accident with a pickup truck

Investigation is a necessary step in the accident process. After a serious or even fatal car accident, authorities seek to find the cause. In some cases, police are able to attribute liability to an involved party. Such a finding of negligent could be due to a reckless or distracted decision made behind the wheel. Severe collisions that result in a fatality usually require a significant amount of time to fully investigate not only the accident but also the cause of death to the victim. Exploring the details involved in an automobile crash can be a lengthy process but could assist in attributing cause and liability in the incident.

Miner killed in second fatal work accident this month

Employment in certain industries can be hazardous to an employee's health and put him in extremely dangerous environments. In regions where the majority of residents work in the coal mining industry, it is crucial that employees have access to workers' compensation, in the unfortunate event of an on-the-job injury. Without workers' compensation benefits, an injured employee may not have access to lost wages and medical expenses payments. If a worker is hurt or killed while one the job, workers' compensation ultimate assists with any expenses and financial burdens the employee endures.

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