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February 2013 Archives

Miner critically injured after tool stuck him in head

Some industries in the work force are known to be more risky and pose a greater risk to the health of the employees. The mining industry does not only place the employee in an environment that could be hazardous to their health, but serious injuries could occur if the right precautions are not taken. Workers' compensation is a benefit that assists with expenses incurred due to an accident in the workplace.

Two-car collision in Rockport results in one fatality

The size and magnitude of an accident can range and is often dependent on what type of accident it is. A car accident could involve only vehicles, but also could include much damage to nearby signs, poles, houses and structures. The severity of a crash is not only determined by the size of the accident site, but also the intensity of the collision. Accidents that involve fast-moving vehicles are more likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Three injured and one killed in a head-on collision in WV

With accidents usually comes fault, but sometimes cause is not always easily determined for an accident. Car accidents occur fairly frequently on the roadways, and usually one driver is the party that is liable for the incident. In other instances, it could be a contributory incident where both parties' negligence or carelessness contributed to the cause of the accident. Slowing down, yielding, staying off the phone and checking the vehicle's mirrors could prevent some accidents. Other times, even when alert and practicing safe driving habits, a driver's reaction time isn't fast enough to avoid an oncoming hazard.

Dump truck operator found dead following work accident

It is common to see drivers on the road commuting to their jobs, but often people don't realize that many vehicles on the road are vehicles driven for job-related purposes. When a collision or incident occurs with a work vehicle while the employee is on the job, the injured worker or the family of a worker who is killed in an accident might be entitled to the benefits of workers' compensation. This would cover any financial burdens that resulted because of the incident. Although safety measures are devised and implemented in the workplace, on-the-job accidents, injuries and deaths cannot always be prevented.

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