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January 2013 Archives

West Virginia worker fatally injured on-the-job

Certain risks and hazards are associated with some work positions. Both employees and employers are aware of these potential risks, so it is essential that workers' compensation is an available benefit to injured workers, as well as compensation for the family of an employee that is killed on the job. For injured workers, it is important that they fully recover so they can return to work. For employers, it is beneficial that the injured employees get the needed medical attention so they can make a speedy recovery and return to work.

West Virginia area known for auto accidents won't be changed soon

Officials often keep track of incidents in order to make necessary changes and promote safety for the general public. When car accidents occur frequently in a specific area, it is usually an indicator for residents and officials that something needs to change. In some cases, simply providing necessary signs and reducing speed limits can reduce the amount of accidents in a certain area.

Man loses leg in motorcycle accident

Although the winter weather might prevent some vehicles from being used, West Virginia residents still witness some locals riding their motorcycles on the roadways. A motorcycle accident can be very tragic and traumatic. A person in a bike or motorcycle accident can be tossed forward off the vehicle and suffer major injuries. Although it is important to wear a safety helmet while riding on a motorcycle, not all injuries can be prevented by this safety measure. In addition to injuries, a motorcycle can sustain major damage due to the impact of a much larger vehicle.

Two-car accident injures five in West Virginia

Accidents on roadways are constantly occurring, and, at times, cannot be prevented. Car accidents in Beckley can be attributed to several factors such as weather, speeding, failure to yield and improper maintenance of a vehicle. Whether it is rain or snow, drivers should always factor in the road conditions during inclement weather. Reducing speeds for weather and traffic is crucial and could easily prevent an accident. Drivers should always practice safe driving by wearing a seat belt and following all traffic signs and signals. Lastly, in order get to a destination safely, drivers should have maintenance routinely done on their vehicle.

Two injured after a collision between a truck and an ATV

Accidents can occur with various vehicles of different sizes. A truck accident can cause much damage to the other vehicles involved in the collision due to their large size. Vehicles such as ATV's and motorcycles pose an additional risk to their drivers and passengers because they are not confined within the vehicle. Being thrown from the vehicle is more likely and serious injuries or even death and ensue the collision. Even when the riders are wearing helmets, being thrown off an ATV or motorcycle can cause the rider to suffer several injuries.

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