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November 2012 Archives

Two killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer

West Virginia locals and residents across the nation understand the importance of road safety. A fatal car accident can occur suddenly and result in tremendous damage and lost lives. Practicing safe driving is important, especially during times of increased traffic. Drivers should always watch their speeds and avoid texting while driving. It only takes a moment to trigger the cause of an accident so it is crucial that drivers always wear their seatbelts and remain attentive the entire duration of time that they are behind the wheel.

Motorcycle accident kills one and injures several

The fall season can still bring warm weather to locals in West Virginia and its surrounding region. This means that residents still have time to ride their motorcycles before having to store them away for winter. Motorcycle accidents can be very severe and frequently result in serious injuries or fatalities. Drivers should always be attentive, aware of vehicles nearby and use caution when changing lanes. It is always essential for drivers to watch their speeds, be aware of road conditions and follow posted signs.

Five injured in a two-car crash

After the severity of a major storm passes, increases in traffic have been experienced in West Virginia and major roads in the regions affected in the east coast. Now that there is a calm after the storm, the amount of traffic is significantly increased on some roads, which in turn raises the chances of major car accidents happening. Locals, commuters and delivery truck drivers are in a rush to make up for the time lost during the storm. Negligent and distracted drivers are the perfect recipe for disaster. It is important that all drivers watch their speeds, follow posted traffic signs and signals and avoid distracting activities like texting while driving.

Woman killed in a 5-vehicle car accident

Residents of West Virginia witness various types of vehicles traveling on major roads. Car accidents can occur in times of high traffic as well as at times when there is little or no traffic on the road. The disparity of vehicle sizes not only makes it hard to see smaller automobiles in blind spots but also impacts and reduces the stopping time for the larger automobiles. A single or double car accident can often turn into a multiple vehicle accident due to speeds and distractions.

Collision on Pennsylvania Turnpike kills one and injures two

Daily commutes often mean dealing with traffic and delays. Locals of West Virginia and nearby residents who drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike understand that car and truck accidents that occur on the turnpike can result in huge delays. The amount of vehicles that utilize this roadway is tremendous. Keeping the road up-to-date and hazard-free is crucial. Road and construction workers are frequently fixing the road to make the road safe for the numerous travelers. The addition of these utility vehicles and workers increases traffic as well as risks of accidents.

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