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September 2012 Archives

Fatal car accident involving two teens

Safety issues and speeding are two major concerns with having young drivers on the road for West Virginia drivers and residents across the nation. Fatal car accidents involving teen drivers are tragic. Not only does the fatality take a young life, but often these accidents are the consequence of poor decisions made behind the wheel. The safety of the driver, passengers and other drivers are compromised when teen drivers choose to speed, use their cell phone or not wear their seatbelts.

Motorcyclist gets hurt in accident in West Virginia

Inattentive driving and speeding are huge concerns for the West Virginia State Police and officers all over the nation. Better control of these factors could lower the risk of a motorcycle accident on the road. Motorcycle accidents can often result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. For instance, when a bike is up against a semi-truck, it can almost be certain that the motorcycle driver will sustain injuries.

Two West Virginia motorcycle accidents occur within 24 hours

Although summer is coming to a close, residents of West Virginia will still see motorcyclist frequent the roads for a few more months. The recent holiday weekend not only saw more vehicles on the road, but residents witnessed motorcycle accidents occurring more frequently over a short span of time.

Fatal pedestrian car collision in West Virginia shopping center

During the summer months, West Virginia residents frequent the sidewalks, crosswalks and shopping centers. With the increasing number of pedestrians in areas where cars are driven, the number of pedestrian-vehicle collisions rise. Serious injuries and fatalities could result in these pedestrian accidents, most likely causing harm to the pedestrian versus the driver of the vehicle.

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