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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Problems faced by motorcycle riders on West Virginia roads

West Virginia residents use many different means of transportation to get around. For some people, nothing beats the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles afford riders a greater range of motion than other larger, more traditional vehicles. Riders can feel the wind at their faces and steer the vehicles by leaning their body weight. However, these fun features also come with some unique issues that motorcycle riders have to face.

Common questions following a motorcycle accident

Many West Virginia residents enjoy riding motorcycles. The freedom of motion afforded by motorcycles is far greater than that of bulkier and bigger motor vehicles. Unfortunately, this freedom can come at a cost. Sometimes, that cost is injuries -- and in the worst case scenarios, fatal injuries. Following a motorcycle accident, many may wonder what actions they can take. Thankfully, there are steps victims and their families can take to pursue compensation.

Spring weather means an increase of motorcycles on the road

Spring is nearly upon us. We set the clocks forward next week, baseball spring training has begun, and the weather is starting to warm up. With the increase of warm weather comes the inevitable increase of motorcycles on the road.

Helping you protect your rights following a motorcycle crash

No matter what time of year it is, it is still possible to spot motorcyclists on roadways throughout West Virginia. Because warm days can make an appearance even in the winter months, motorists should be extra cautious for these smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, these small vehicles can go unnoticed, and if a driver fails to check their surroundings when making a turn or a maneuver, a serious collision could ensue.

Helping you recover compensation after a motorcycle crash

Motorcycles can be driven by the young, the die-hard rider or any other person who simply enjoys a good cruise. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, ridding a motorcycle always comes with risks. And while proper training and the usage of safety gear, such as helmets and protective clothing, can reduce these risks, safety gear does not necessarily protect a motorcyclist from negligent drivers.

Common questions following a motorcycle accident

While most motorcyclists in West Virginia have put away their bikes for the winter, it is still possible to ride his or her bike on an unseasonably warm day or in a state further south. And for some motorcyclists, he or she might currently be suffering some injuries from an accident that occurred during the warmer months. While initial steps might have been taken immediately following a motorcycle crash, it is likely that accident victims and their loved ones have many questions surrounding the incident.

How common are motorcycle accidents in the U.S.?

Although summer has come and gone, the warm weather has not disappeared with the appearance of fall. This means that motorists will be able to keep their windows down or even enjoy a ride on a motorcycle. Therefore, motorists in West Virginia and other states across the U.S. should always prepare to share the road with motorcyclists. Failure to do so could mean colliding with a biker and causing a serious motorcycle crash.

Understanding the anatomy of a motorcycle crash

Although we have now transitioned into the fall season, warm weather is likely to remain in West Virginia and other states for quite some time. Because of that, motorists can expect to share the road with motorcyclists for several more weeks. These small vehicles are an excellent way to get around, save on fuel and are an enjoyable mode of transportation; however, these small vehicles pose various risks to riders. Even though helmets and protective clothing provide a certain level of defense against injuries, these unfortunately do not guard riders from serious and even fatal injuries.

The effectiveness of helmets to prevent accident injuries

As a means to reduce the severity of injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash, helmet laws were enacted in various states across the nation. In West Virginia, universal helmet laws have been in existence since 1971. This means that it is mandatory for all motorcycle riders, including passengers, to wear a helmet while traveling on a motorcycle. Such a law is important because motorcycles are not equipped with the same safety features as other motor vehicles. However, even the use of a helmet does not prevent a rider from suffering motorcycle accident injuries.

Emphasizing motorcycle safety awareness this month

With spring in full swing and summer around the corner, more and more motorcycles can be seen throughout West Virginia across the country. While this increase in motorcycles means that more residents seek to enjoy the nice weather, it also means an increase in motorcycle accidents. Because of that, the month of May has been designated as motorcycle safety awareness month. This not only helps highlight the safety measures motorcyclists can take but also emphasize the importance for motorists to have motorcycle awareness.

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