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Car Accidents Archives

Technology takes aim at drivers using phones

The phones of West Virginia drivers who are involved in an accident may face additional scrutiny if states begin passing a law that allows law enforcement to detect whether the driver was using the phone at the time of the crash. While most states have laws that prohibit texting and other uses of the phone while driving, it is difficult to determine whether drivers were doing so at the time a crash occurred, and drivers might not be forthcoming about their habits.

1 in 3 drivers are guilty of distracted driving

West Virginia residents may be surprised to learn that nearly 90 percent of young millennials committed at least one dangerous activity while driving, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. In fact, the report further found that drivers in the age group of 19 to 24 think that their risky driving actions are normal.

Driving defensively to avoid a distracted driving crash

Although it is likely that West Virginia motorists are aware of distracted driving, they may not realize how much of a problem it has become. In fact, several studies have shown that distracted driving may actually be more dangerous than drunk driving. As such, it is important that people understand the risks of distracted driving and make efforts to drive safely at all times.

The increase in traffic deaths

Motorists in West Virginia should be aware that 2016 is believed to be the deadliest year for drivers in the United States in almost a decade. Increased driving, which has been spurred by a better economy and lower gas prices, coupled with dangerous driving behaviors have contributed to traffic fatality rates.

Millennials most likely to drive dangerously

West Virginia drivers may be interested in learning that, according to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 88 percent of drivers between the ages of 19 and 24 admitted engaging in risky behavior while driving. These behaviors include running red lights, texting while driving and speeding.

States ranked based on highway laws

West Virginia, the other 49 states as well as the District of Columbia have been evaluated and rated based on their progress in adopting highway safety laws. Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a trade group based out of the nation's capital, has issued a report that assesses the states' handling of laws pertaining to impaired and distracted driving, motorcycle helmet and seat belt use, child passenger safety and teen driving.

Apple accused of withholding distracted driving safety feature

Four out of 10 smartphone buyers in West Virginia and around the country choose to purchase an Apple iPhone, but that kind of market dominance could wind up costing a great deal if the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit filed against the electronics giant prevail. A group of California road users say that the Cupertino-based company developed a texting lockout feature in 2008 that was designed to prevent distracted driving accidents, and they claim that Apple placed its market share and profit margins over the lives of motorists and pedestrians when it elected not to release it.

Accident on I-79 in West Virginia injures 6

An accident on Interstate 79 in West Virginia on Jan. 16 left five passenger vehicle occupants and a Marion County Deputy injured. After undergoing surgery to treat a badly injured leg, the deputy was listed in stable condition. The five vehicle occupants have all been released by a Morgantown hospital. A 17-year-old driver has been charged in connection with the crash, which took place on the southbound lanes of I-79 near East Fairmont at approximately 8:45 p.m.

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