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Is your former employer ruining your chances for a new job?

Imagine working for the same company for years. You very rarely took a sick day, and your vacation time was almost untouched. You followed the rules and performed your duties to the utmost of your abilities. You always expected the company to show you the same loyalty that you had shown it over the years.

Recent mine accident claims the life of Boone area worker

People who live and work in West Virginia understand how dangerous the world of coal mining can be. Workers can easily be severely injured or even killed in a number of ways. The work involves big machinery, which can be dangerous. There's also the potential for a cave-in, toxic gases or injury from someone else's tool. While safety precautions are required, including protective head gear and training for heavy machinery operation, accidents still happen with alarming frequency. Most recently, a worker at a coal mine in Boone County on Tuesday, June 13 claimed the life of a worker.

Why hire a lawyer to help with a car accident insurance claim?

Many people assume that as long as they have insurance or the other individual in their accident has insurance, then everything is fine. While it is true that it is preferable to have insurance in any accident, holding an insurance policy is not magic ticket that solves all of your problems.

Bicyclists at risk of serious injuries due to motor vehicles

Most people start bicycling as a way to improve their health. It's a great form of exercise and can be a quick and cost-effective way to commute to work or social obligations. For some people, however, biking can result in injuries or even death. West Virginia is actually one of the best ranked states for bicyclist fatalities. However, this doesn't mean that serious accidents involving bicyclists hurt by motor vehicle drivers don't happen regularly.

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