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April 2017 Archives

Differences between open and closed brain injuries

Unfortunately, human beings are vulnerable to all sorts of injuries. Among the most serious types of injuries are those that involve the brain. Brain injuries can have a myriad of side effects, and can result from trauma to the head or neck area that causes the brain to tear, swell, bleed or bruise. A person in West Virginia may suffer a brain injury while playing a sport or partaking in a work-related activity. It can happen to anyone, at just about any time.

What are common reasons for truck accidents?

Large semi-trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles to other drivers on the road. The size and weight of these vehicles traveling at high speeds can create a deadly force. Because of the danger that these vehicles present to other drivers in West Virginia, truck drivers are required to abide by certain federal trucking regulations that are there to ensure the safety of others. When a truck driver fails to meet these standards, devastating, sometimes fatal accidents can occur.

Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury

There are many different ways in which a victim can be injured. Similarly, there are many ways that these injuries can manifest, and many symptoms that can result. It is not always easy to know what type of injury a victim has experienced. Sometimes, the symptoms may seem entirely unique, making it difficult to identify the source of the issue. However, there are common symptoms that result from certain types of injuries that can help gives victims an idea of what type of injury they may have suffered.

Problems faced by motorcycle riders on West Virginia roads

West Virginia residents use many different means of transportation to get around. For some people, nothing beats the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles afford riders a greater range of motion than other larger, more traditional vehicles. Riders can feel the wind at their faces and steer the vehicles by leaning their body weight. However, these fun features also come with some unique issues that motorcycle riders have to face.

Injured on the job: a look at scaffold injuries

There are many jobs in which West Virginia residents can work to support themselves. Some are relatively safe, such as white collar jobs that require a lot of computer work. Others, however, are not so safe. Some jobs, such as those in the construction industry, require workers to put themselves in danger on a daily basis. Many risk their lives just to earn a living. There are certain protections that help ensure employers provide a safe work environment. However, unsafe working conditions are still a reality that put workers at risk of injury or worse.

Pain and suffering damages in car accidents

It is not always possible to prevent a car accident from occurring. West Virginia residents can take every possible precaution -- fastening their seatbelts, driving the speed limit, paying close attention to others on the road and more -- and still find themselves victims of a car accident. Unfortunately, even though it is possible to control a person's own actions, it is not possible to control the actions of others. All it takes is one person to make a negligent action on the road and a person can become a victim of a serious car accident.

Is it possible to sue a truck company?

All accidents in West Virginia involving motor vehicles have the potential to be devastating. However, the chance for serious injuries or even fatalities is often greater when there is a truck accident. Because they drive at such high speeds and often carry such enormous weight, trucks can present an extreme danger to other drivers on the road. This is why there are certain regulations that apply to truck drivers.

What types of expenses does workers' comp cover?

Many West Virginia residents rely on their jobs. For many, losing a job would mean losing the only way to pay off monthly bills and everyday necessities. Understandably, this is a situation most would want to avoid. Unfortunately for some, this situation is unavoidable due to a workplace injury. For those who have been injured on the job, there are options.

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