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What are the major causes of a brain injury?

Being a victim in an accident that causes a brain injury can not only mean a lengthy recovery and much medical treatment, it could mean suffering a serious injury by the hand of a negligent actor. Whether the accident occurred at work, while traveling on the roadway, at the property of another or other similar settings, if a negligent or reckless individual was at fault, that party could be held liable for the losses and damages caused by the incident.

What are the major types of injuries and causes of a brain injury? First, there are six major types of injuries that cause a brain injury. There could be damage to the brain cells in a limited area, which usually occurs right below the point of impact. Next, a severe blow or jolt to the head could cause a brain injury, resulting in multiple points of impact and damage. Third, if there is severe rotation or spinning jolts of the head, this could cause tearing in the cellular structure of the brain.

Fourth, a blast, such as one from an explosive device, could cause widespread damage to the brain. Next, if an object penetrates the skull and enters the brain, this could cause irreparable damage to the brain cells, blood vessels and the protective tissue surrounding the brain. Lastly, if there is bleeding, swelling or blood clots caused by an accident, this could disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain, leading to widespread damage.

Events that lead to the types of brain injuries discussed above often include falls, automobile collisions, violent acts, sports injuries and explosive blasts. Any of these events could have one or more of the head traumas discussed above, which could mean serious damage to the brain.

A brain injury often means temporary or even permanent disabilities. The road to recovery is frequently a long one, and some victims of a head trauma never recover from the injuries. This often leads to lifelong medical expenses, and if another party was at fault and caused the brain injury it might be possible to hold them responsible. A personal injury claim could help victims recover compensation for the losses and damages incurred by the accident.

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