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April 2013 Archives

Fatal accident underscores importance of workers' compensation

A work environment can be fatal if proper safety and training is not implemented in the workplace. Even when an employer specifically addresses any health and safety issues at the workplace, accidents can still happen and they could turn out to be fatal. When an employee is injured or killed on-the-job, it is important that the injured worker or the family of the deceased worker can seek workers' compensation. This will assist with any financial burdens that may occur.

Some car accident victims left with sky-high medical expenses

Riding in a helicopter is not something every West Virginia resident gets to do, and it is certainly something that drivers and passengers do not want to do following a collision. But when a tragic car accident occurs and results in severe damages and serious injuries, the ability to be airlifted and transported to the hospital quickly is extremely important and medically beneficial.

Local West Virginia man raises awareness for motorcyclists

Residents of West Virginia know that when the temperature increases and the spring and summer months near, more and more motorcyclists can be seen on the roadways. The increasing numbers of motorcycles on the road also increases the chances of motorcycle accidents. When a collision occurs between a motorcyclist and another vehicle, the chances of the motorcyclist suffering injuries is high. These types of accidents usually end tragically with severe damage, serious injuries and even fatalities.

New research assists in understanding brain injuries

No matter the type of wound, a serious injury can be traumatic, emotional and life-altering. When a person suffers a brain injury, not only may immediate medical care be needed but one could also require a lengthy rehabilitation and long-term care. Whether it is in an automobile accident, on-the-job or while playing a sport, any person who suffers a head injury should seek medical attention because not all brain traumas are seen right away; some can go undiagnosed for years.

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